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  • Glam Moisture Lipstick 3g

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    Sasatinnie Glam Moisture Lipstick (3g)

    Sasatinnie Glam Moisture Lipstick brings you a fascinating lip makeup! This lipstick formulates with jojoba oil, honey and apple extract, providing high moisture and high shine color for lips. With the smooth texture, it is comfortable to use. The candy-like sweet color will definitely melt your heart!

    Product Features:
    • Smooth texture: The texture is smooth and silky which melts and nourishes the lips well.
    • Moisturizing: Enriched with Jojoba oil, honey and apple extract, effectively moisturizes and softens the lips to prevent dryness and reduce lip lines.
    • Preservative-free protection: The lipstick has many shades to choose from. It is entirely free of preservatives and artificial flavors, ensure your lips to enjoy a safe and reliable make up experience.

    • Jojoba oil and honey: Moisturizes and softens skin, reducing the appearance of lip lines
    • Apple extract: Deep moisturizing your lips to prevent dryness.

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