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  • A.H.C Hyaluronic Skin Care 4pcs

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    A.H.C Hyaluronic Skin Care 4pcs


    Hyaluronic Toner (100ml+30ml)
    A toner in gel form which contains moisturizing ingredient – Hyaluronic acid. It provides intense hydration to your skin, which can be penetrated to your skin quickly, helps you to get rid of skin dryness, leave it supple and transparent.

    Product Features:
    ● Intense hydration: The formula contains hyaluronic acid, which provides high moisturizing effects. Moisture can be penetrated to the deep layer of your skin.
    ● Soothing and calming: The formula contains lavender freesia, camomile and mint leaf extract to effectively smooth and calm the skin. It’s also suitable for sensitive skin.
    ● Detoxification: Contains geranium, tea leaves, bergamot, rosemary leaf extract, helps to remove the turbidity left on the skin, regain vitality.

    Hyaluronic Emulsion (100+30ml)
    It is a fresh and lightweight hydrating emulsion which delivers intensive skin moisturizing while providing collagen and soothing skin. Especially for dry, sensitive, oily and rough skin.

    Product Features:
    ● Rich in vitamin B5 and hyaluronic acid for moisturizing.
    ● Soothes damaged, tired and irritated skin, leaving skin feeling hydrated.
    ● Smoothes fine lines and helps to maintain skin elasticity.