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  • Hada Labo Premium Night Cream 50g

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    Hada Labo Premium Night Cream (50g)

    Rich in various moisturising and nourishing ingredients, skin is tightened at night, farewell to initial sign of ageing and welcome plumped and bouncy skin.

    Product Features:
    • Anti-oxidising : 8 types of antioxidant essential oil including raspberry oil, primrose oil, lavender oil penetrates into layers of skin to restore, reducing sagging and tiredness to give out radiance.
    • Youthful-looking and Shining Effect : yeast essence promotes collagen production, strengthens skin to increase resilience.
    • Anti-ageing : 3 types of peptide effectively prevent the initial sign of ageing, tighten skins and soften fine lines, proliferating collagen for firming soft and smooth skin.

    Ingredients :
    • 8 Types of antioxidant essential oil:effective anti-oxidising deep from within and repairs skin.
    • Yeast Essence : stimulates collagen production, softens fine lines and strengthens skin.
    • 3 types of peptide : prevents ageing, tightens skin and proliferates collagen.