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GOONGBE Shampoo & Bath 350ml

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【Goongbe Shampoo & Bath 350ml】

Aims to be the world's leading infant skin care specialist, GOONGBE, a Korean infant brand dedicated to keep baby's skin balanced and well-tested, please do not miss it!

Goongbe Shampoo & Bath contains 95% oat seed oil, mild and natural, easy to clean; weak acid, passed the eye irritation test, dermatological safety test and German Dermatest test, absolutely suitable for newborn babies.

Product Feature:
● For 0-year-old newborn babies.
● 100% natural extract, which effectively soothes baby's sensitive skin, helps regulating skin temperature, moisture content and protecting the skin as well, keeping the skin in optimal condition.
● Triple Moisture-Protect System, helps filling the intercellular lipids, triglycerides, fatty acids for lipid moisturizing. Also, natural oils to supplement natural oils, moisturizing the skin long-lasting.

● Red beans: Purification.
● 95% Oat seed oil: Moisturizing.

How To Use:
Take the appropriate amount of shower gel to clean the baby's head and body and gently rinse with water.