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  • FINE Japanese Green 100g

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    Fine Japanese Green (100g)

    Using top-quality raw barley sprouts, also known as Golden buds, they are extracted by hot water to retain the essence for improving blood health and replenishing daily nutrients.

    Product Features:
    • It is rich in anti-oxidant ingredients which are well kept in the powder. With GMP and ISO9001 certification, it is free from different main source of pesticides and easy to digest.
    • Japanese green juice is rich in chlorophyll. Japan Kyushu barley leaf powder, kale, enzymes are helpful in relieving constipation, lowering blood pressure and blood lipids, and relieving gastrointestinal inflammation.
    • Drinking green juice can replenish nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals lacking from the daily diet, hence it is suitable for regular drinking.

    Ingredients :
    • Kale, Yeast: replenishing daily nutritional need

    How to use:
    Take 3 grams per day (about 2 teaspoons), dissolve in any drink and stir well.