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  • Charcoal Deep Clean Facial Foam (For Men) 100g

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    【BIORE Charcoal Deep Clean Facial Foam 100g】

    The innovative charcoal formula offers 10 times the oil absorption power. Its superb oil control ability helps remove the shine from facial skin, while the 10,000 scrub particles provide a deep cleansing power to clear out excess sebum, blackheads and cuticle.
    The unique acne care content effectively soothes and cares for acne, and cleanses excess grease and dirt, prevents acne problems that due to the block of pores by oil and dirt.

    - Made in Vietnam

    How to use:
    Apply in the morning and at night. Wet face, squeeze about 2cm onto palm. Make fine lather with plenty of water, massage gently onto face and rinse off.