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  • Helena Rubinstein POWERCELL SKINMUNITY - THE CREAM 50ml

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    L'Oréal's HELENA RUBINSTEIN (HR) puts the effectiveness of science and medicine in the service of beauty. Powercell is one of the bestsellers in HR. A great number of bloggers and famous stars are willing to introduce Powercell for others.

    Heavy job and air pollution makes the sikin in a overdraft status so that it’s urgent to recover the skin immediately. Based on keeping moisture well, the new upgraded POWERCELL SKINMUNITY - THE CREAM enhances the skin's underlying protective defense and creates a protective film to the skin. It maintains the skin in a balance status and keeps it young而.

    Product Features:
    ● With delicate and tender texture, it can help the skin absorb nutrients, delay aging, improve complexion.
    ● The new Defense Complex * formula, comprehensively enhances the defense of the skin and scientifically maintains the micro ecological balance of the skin.
    ● A full energy source injected into the stratum corneum, it effectively improves the treatment ability of the skin.

    *Data from HELENA RUBINSTEIN official website.

    How to use :
    After basic skin care step, apply the cream evenly on the face.