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  • Rose Pure Firming Mask 6pcs

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    La Estephe Rose Pure Firming Mask (25g x 6 PCS)

    The brand picks the dewy flower buds in the morning, pass through three manual screening, and the ancient distillation, the entire process needs to be completed in 12 Hours, in order to preserve the perfect rose active ingredients, nutrition and aroma. The Swiss rose extract helps promote cell renewal metabolism, regulation, repairing, moisturizing and anti-allergic, implementing with cica extract, skin is tightened and firmed, while becoming firm and dewy.

    Product Features:
    • Ancient distillation: About 2000 well-chosen Swiss roses are distilled to extract 1 ml rose essence by the ancient method, the essence contains active ingredients for revitalizing epidermis growth, every drop is so precious
    • Five Efficacies: Swiss rose extract helps to moist, nourish, repair skin, prevent dark spots and reduce wrinkles.
    • Lifting and firming: with cica extract, this mask helps to promote the formation of collagens and skin resilience, leaving skin elastic and supple, revealing the glow of youth.