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  • Has Stretch I Sheet 60pcs

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    Spa treatment HAS Stretch I SHEET(60pcs)

    Spa treatment HAS Stretch I SHEET is an innovative anti-aging eye mark from Japan that featured with HAS (Human Adipose-derived Stem cell), which can eliminate aging sign effectively. Skin looks young and smooth!

    Multiple Effects:
    • Anti-aging: Formulated with Fermented Resveratrol, it can effectively eliminate inflammation and create ageless beautiful skin.
    • Whitening: With Placenta and Arbutin, it effectively inhibits melanin and dull skin caused by UV, eliminate skin saccharification, and repair dark yellow skin.
    • Moisturizing: Use moisturizing ingredients with different sizes, functions and effects to make skin supple, soft and charming.

    • Tripeptide: Make skin firm and elastic
    • Fermented Resveratrol: Eliminate inflammation, anti- aging
    • Placenta: Whiten skin, inhibit pigmentation
    • Arbutin: Prevent formation of dark spots
    • Plantain Extract: Increase skin's transparency and elasticity

    How to use:
    After cleansing and toning, take out the sheets one at a time with supplied tweezers and apply onto the eye area for 10 minutes.