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  • mumo®150,000mg Total Effect Collagen Powder (Collagen from Fish Maw, 3 Patented Ingredients) 30packs

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    mumo®150,000mg Total Effect Collagen Powder (Collagen from Fish Maw, 3 Patented Ingredients)

    The all new “150,000mg Total Effect Collagen Powder”, its major ingredient is made of Low-molecular (14000DRT) Collagen Derived from Fish Maw 150,000mg. Molecules of which are extremely tiny and are easily absorbable by the human body. It also contains multiple selected skin enhancing ingredients including Star Fish Extract, Jelly Fish Extract, Bird’s Nests Extract(From Collocalia), hyaluronic acid, elastin and Ceramide…etc

    The product is a solution to eight major skin problems: melanin accumulation, loose skin, dehydration, wrinkles (resulted from aging or dehydration), thick facial pores, dark spots and dull skin tones. Use continually for 4 weeks to restore the moisture and radiance of skin and enhance the firmness and elasticity of which. Finish a complete course of treatment that lasts 12 weeks to obtain healthier skin with enriched texture.

    Water, Low-molecular(14000DRT) Collagen Derived from Fish Maw, Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, Star Fish Extract, Jelly Fish Extract, Elastin, Fructooligosaccharide(FOS), Coenzyme Q10, Ceramide, Bird’s Nests Extract(From Collocalia).

    Houw to use:
    1 to 2 packets daily, put the collagen powder into water directly; or you may also add into fruit juice, coffee or tea. For ideal effect, it is recommended to take 2 packets a day. Effects will begin to be noticeable after 3-4 weeks. Best skin improving result can be achieved if used continually for 3 months. Not suitable for individuals allergic to seafood because collagen content of the product is derived from fish.