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  • Saborino Morning Facial Mask (Minty Fresh) 32piece

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    【BCL Saborino Morning Facial Mask (Minty Fresh) 32piece】

    “BCL Saborino Morning Facial Mask” (32 pc)
    Face wash + Toner + Moisturizing, only 60 seconds to finish. Cleansing ingredients of AHA (Fruit acid) can remove all the dead skin and dirt. Multi beauty and moisturizing ingredients freshen you skin and add lush hydration

    How to use:
    “BCL Saborino Morning Facial Mask” Open up the flip lid of the Saborino pack and remove one mask. Grasp the mask by the sides and gently stretch as you apply to the face. Remove the mask after 1 minute and gently swipe across the skin of the face.