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  • Bombee Honey Mask Pack 10pcs

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    Papa Recipe Bombee Honey Mask Pack (25g × 10pcs)
    Papa Recipe Bombee Honey Mask Pack is enriched with Honey extracts. It supplies moisture and nourishment. Targeting different skin needs, it maintains the moisture and vitality of skin. This mask contains exclusive Gold complex which helps moisturizing skin and boosts up skin hydration for a healthy skin.

    Multiple Effects:
    ● High Moisturizing: Infused with the gold complex plant ingredients from nature, it promotes skin hydration.
    ● Healthy Skin: With the help of the honey and propolis extract present in serum, this real mask adds vitality and energy to skin.

    Using natural bio-fiber mask paper, the ultra-thin silky texture and perfect fit skin ability allow plenty of essences penetrate through the skin. No alcohol and mineral oil are added.

    Ingredients :
    ● Honey And Propolis Extract: Refreshing skin, nourishing, moisturizing ● Gold Complex: nourishing, moisturizing

    How to use :
    After completing the cleaning step, apply toner on your face. Then, put on the mask. Wait around 15 to 20 minutes then remove the mask, massage gently for better absorption of essence. Recommend to apply every other day.