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  • Unicharm Cotton Pad 40pcs

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    Unicharm Cotton Pad (40pcs)

    • Strong absorption:
    Allows 1/2 reduction of toner or lotion usage and achieves full transfer of lotion to your skin.
    • Comfortable texture:
    The texture is very smooth, making you feel comfortable when wiping your face.
    • Curve-shaped design:
    The curve-shaped design fits your face contour and let you completely reach every corner on your face.

    Ingredients :
    ● 100% Cotton: Enhance the absorption power and give mild texture

    How to use :
    ● Soak the cotton pad with toner or lotion for skincare purpose
    ● Soak the cotton pad with make-up remover for make-up removal purpose
    ● Soak the cotton pad with nail paint remover for nail paint removal purpose