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LUCIDO–L HAIR Treatment Oil Frizz Care 60ml

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Lucido–L Hair Treatment Oil Frizz Care (60ml)

Designed for rough and damaged hair, this treatment oil can repair and smooth frizzy hair by moisturizing and retaining moisture, leaving your hair supple and shiny!

Product features:
• LUCIDO-L Hair Treatment Oil is enriched with argan oil refined by high pressure treatment, which can completely cover every hair and penetrante nourishment deeply to the dry and damaged hair.
• Thermal protection formula protects the hair cuticle from the sun's rays, while preventing dry strands from blow-drying.
• Moisturizing and building a repairing barrier to avoid water-loss from the bottom of hair. The barrier can resist the invasion of external moisture, so as not to damage the original structure of the hair.
• Gel-like texture is non-greasy and easily absorbed by hair. Refreshing scent is suitable to use in all seasons, making your hair soft and silky smooth.

• Argan Oil: Repairs dry and damaged hair cores from the outside in

How to use:
After shampooing, use a towel to dry for about half. Take a small amount (press 1-2 times) on the palm of your hand each time, apply evenly on hair and comb with your fingers. After that, blow dry with a hair dryer. Recommend to press 3 times for medium and long hair.