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  • DHC Blueberry Extract 120 Tablets

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    DHC Blueberry Extract (120 Tablets)

    Rich in Anthocyan, Lutein and Carotenem, this blueberry supplement is helpful in secretion of tears, which helps to prevent dryness and improve eyesight.

    Product Features:
    ● Improving eyesight: the minerals are important to protect and improve eyesight.
    ● Nourishing: it helps to promote abundant secretion of tears and prevent fatigue and dry eyes.
    ● Suitable people: this supplement is especially suitable for office workers, those are wearing cons and active in using electronic gadgets.

    ● Anthocyan, Lutein, Carotene: helping to protect and improve eyesight

    How to use:
    Twice a day at AM and PM. Consume one at a time with warm water.