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  • White Revitalizing Softener 150ml

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    【Shiseido White Revitalizing Softener 150ml】

    VITAL-PERFECTION Line is formulated with SHISEIDO VP8, which is an exclusive and revolutionary ingredient complex that shuts off the pathways to aged proteins so skin can reach a level of perfection with impossibly bright, firm skin that neither anti-aging nor whitening care alone can bring.

    White Revitalizing Softener’s is a hydrating lotion with fresh and dewy texture. It activates natural skin functions to improve various signs of visible aging.

    Multiple Features:
    ● Enhance skin’s elasticity: Revitalizes skin that has become thin and toughened with age, and increases its elasticity.
    ● Moisturizing: Provides rich long-lasting moisture, for deeply resilient skin that is smooth to the touch.
    ● Anti-oxidizing: Contains effective ingredients that promote skin's renewal, which slows with age.

    ● Royal Jelly Extract: Moisturizing
    ● Potassium methoxysalicylate: Whitening
    ● Angelica Gigas Root Extract: Rich in Vitamin E, nourishing
    ● Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract: Anti-oxidation

    How to use:
    After cleansing, saturate a cotton pad with softener and wipe it gently over the face.