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L'Occitane L'OCCITANE Almond Shower Oil (250ml)

Exquisite cleansing experience from this shower oil! Almonds are carefully selected from the Valensole Plateau and cold-pressed to extract the oil, tackling skin dryness and nourishing skin.

Product features:
● Nourishing skin with different oils: both sweet almond oil and grape seed oil are rich in omega 6 and 9, which are effective in preventing collagen loss and nourishing skin, especially to dry and sensitive skin. Enriched with other plant oils, including bergamot and sunflower, the skin becomes silky and soft.
● Cloud-like shower experience: the light and soft lather is formed with the milky cleansing milk from rubbing the shower oil with water, providing an exquisite bathing experience on cloud nine.
● Pleasant scent: the scent is packed with sweet vanilla and almond, so cozy that as if you were having mouth-watering dessert.

Ingredients :
● Almond Oil: preventing loss of collagen
br> ● Grape Seed Oil: anti-oxidant

● Bergamot Fruit Oil: recharging skin

● Sunflower Seed Oil: nourishing

How to use :
Use in shower process. Massage over body and rinse with water.