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  • SERY BOX Seryburn Blue Man All in One

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    Sery Box Seryburn Blue Man All in One (20pcs)

    Designed for Mens and upgraded the formula, added octacosanol to enhance vitality, endurance strength and sensitivity.This 3-in-1 product also can reduce body fat, improve vitality and maintain liver health, purifying body and improving resistance.

    Product features:
    • Contains Garcinia cambogia extract that effectively blocks oil absorption, reduces body fat; Green Tea catechin that helps cholesterol improvement to purify body.
    • Added Milk Thread that cares for the liver and soothes the discomfort of chronic fatigue.
    • Enriched with Zinc and 7 types of Vitamins, it can improve your vitality and resistance with brighter skin.

    • Octacosanol:enhance vitality, endurance strength and sensitivity
    • Garcinia cambogia extract : body fat reduction
    • Green Tea catechin : body fat reduction and cholesterol improvement
    • Milk Thread : Improving liver health
    • Zinc: Improving resistance.
    • 7 types of Vitamins + brightening ingredients : improving vitality and radiant skin

    How to use:
    One pack every evening after dinner. It is recommended to take it continuously for 12 weeks (3 months) ideally.