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  • SUISKIN Canola Cleansing Balm

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    Suiskin Canola Cleansing Balm (90ml)

    Infused with natural plant extracts, suiskin Blooming Canola Cleansing Balm can cleanse foundation, eyes and lips makeup from your skin after quick emulsifying with water. A variety of skincare essences are also added to nourish skin.

    Product features:
    • Contains Rapeseed skincare extract that can remove makeup and nourish your skin at the same time.
    • Enriched with Natural probiotics and Phospholipid Protein, it can strengthen skin barriers and brighten skin tone, leaving skin with radiance.
    • Gentle, clean and vegan formula contains no chemical ingredients such as mineral oils, fragrances, colorants, etc. Cruelty-free.
    • Ice-cream like texture is soft and watery to reduce friction on skin while removing makeup. Bringing you comfortable skin touch.

    • Rapeseed skincare extract: removing makeup, soothing and nourishing
    • Natural probiotics: strengthening skin barriers
    • Phospholipid Protein: brightening skin tone

    How to use:
    Step1: Apply appropriate amount on face.
    Step2: Massage in circulation till makeup fully dissolved and rinse thoroughly with water.