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  • SUISKIN Calming Herb Vegan Mask 5pcs

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    Suiskin Calming Herb Vegan Mask (5PCS)

    Animal-free formula, this vegan mask is gentle, nourishing, and soothing skin in a clean way, which is especially friendly to sensitive skin.

    Product Features:
    ? 85% Herbal and slightly acidic formula: with ingredients such as cica and fish mint extracts, this mask is soothing and replenishing skin with moisture and nutrients.
    ? Clean and vegan beauty: with CertClean qualification, this mask is animal-free and gives least burden to skin.
    • Gentle and thin mask material: thin and soft, this bamboo-fiber-made mask made is friendly to skin and environmental-friendly as it is bio-degradable.

    Ingredients :
    • Fish Mint and Cica Extract: anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial
    • Mugwood Extract: enhancing skin resilience
    • Plant Hyaluronic Acid: nourishing