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  • JAPAN GALS Blueberry & Lutein Chewable Tablets 120capsules

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    Japan Gals Blueberry & Lutein Chewable Tablets (120tablets)

    Eyes are dry from whole-day looking at computer and mobile phone. Early replenishing nutrients including blueberry essence, lutein, and etc. soothes eye discomfort and improve eyesight!

    Product Features:
    • Abundant blueberry essence is rich in anthocyanin to replenish needed rhodopsin and carotene in eyes to maintain vision.
    • The addition of lutein helps defend against damage from blue light by filtering, boosts rhodopsin production to care for vision.
    • Vitamin A is added to alleviate eye fatigues and improve eyesight, stopping its deterioration. Tears are naturally released to soothe dryness; eyes appears bright.
    • Sweet blueberry flavour is fruity for adults and children alike.
    • Especially suitable for office workers, a computer and mobile phone user, this supplement lays the foundation to avoid eyesight from worsening.

    • Blueberry Essence, Lutein, Vitamin A : Caring for eyes

    How to use:
    4 tablets daily