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  • LA PRAIRIE White Caviar Essence Extraordinaire

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    La Prairie White Caviar Essence Extraordinaire (150ml)

    Enriched with Swiss luxury and natural essence, LA PRAIRIE White Caviar Illuminating Essence can replenish moisture and nutrients for the skin layer by layer, leaving skin hydrated, tight and supple with radiant.

    Product features:
    Enriched with Swiss natural essence and brightening ingredients, it can brighten dull while revitalizing skin with brand developed elastic and moisturizing ingredients.
    Instantly hydration can replenish moisture for skin layer by layer which is easily absorbed by skin. It can adjust your skin to its ideal state which is a delicate, soft and silky smooth complexion.
    It provides a refreshing, moisturizing sensation by replenishing nutrients for skin, leaving skin smoother, hydrated and brighter.

    Swiss natural extracts and brightening ingredients: moisturizing, smoothing and brightening
    Brand developed elastic and moisturizing ingredients: tightening for tender and elastic skin

    How to use:
    After cleansing and toning, press the silver pump 2-3 times, squeeze an appropriate amount into your palm, and apply evenly to the face. Gentle pat on face and massage gently until absorbed.