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  • LACTO-FIT Probiotics Kids 60pcs

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    Lacto-Fit Probiotics Kids (20g x 60pcs)

    The best partner for children to grow, improves immune system, supports joint health and gut health. Build up a healthy body for them!

    Product features:
    • Use the most effective probiotic
    • Maintain immune system and joint health
    • Improves gut health
    • Added Vitamin D + Zinc
    • Contains 1 billion CFU of lactic acid bacteria
    • Especially suitable for children aged 4-14

    • Multiple types of probiotics: Increases good bacteria to hit the bad bacteria, improves gut health
    • Vitamin D: Promotes healthy growth of bones and teeth
    • Zinc: Improves immune system

    How to use:
    • One sachet daily.
    • Can Sprinkle in any drinks.( Except Hot drink)