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  • JURLIQUE Activating Water Essence 150ml

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    Jurlique Activating Water Essence (150ml)

    Enriched with extracts of multiple natural plants, this essence can deeply hydrate and strengthen skin barrier to smooth fine lines, creating a supple and delicate complexion!

    Product features:
    • This 5-in-1 essence helps strengthen skin barrier, improve skin’s elasticity, smooth fine lines, retain moisture level of skin, creating delicate and youthful skin!
    • Marshmallow root extract can hydrate skin by activating skin’s ability to retain moisture for watery and radiant complexion.
    • Contains plant extracts of rose, lavender and calendula flower that gently moisturize skin while soothing and repairing skin.

    • Marshmallow root extract and moisturizing ingredient: Hydrates skin by activating skin’s ability to retain moisture
    • Plant extracts of rose, lavender and calendula flower: moisturizing, soothing, repairing and brightening

    How to use:
    Step1: Take an appropriate amount of essence water and warm it with your hands, then spread it on your face.
    Step2: Gently inhale the fragrance of the essence water, and gently press on your face.
    Step3: Take the same amount of essence water in the palm and apply it on neck skin from top to bottom.
    Step4: Press the palm of your hand slightly and slowly to press the entire face skin to help the essence penetrate deeply.