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  • INNISFREE Jeju Volcannic Nose Pack 6pcs

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    Innisfree Jeju Volcannic Nose Pack (6pcs)

    Signature Jeju volcanic clusters ingredient adheres on nose and easily removes blackheads and dirt from pores, controlling sebum and purifying skin!

    Product Features :
    • Purifying : Enriched with Jeju volcanic clusters of porous structure and high adhesive power to purify and remove sebum, dead skin and dirt, improving enlarged pores and replenishing minerals for a clean and fresh skin.
    • Versatile : Suitable for nose, forehead, chin and other oily zones and time-saving, pores clogging and blemish issues are easily tackled
    • Perfect Fitting : Nose sheet fits perfectly to nose shape, gently removed from sides to reduce burden on skin and restore smoothness and luster.

    • Jeju Volcanic Clusters : Purifying, mattifying and exfoliating

    How to use:
    Wet nose with an appropriate amount of water after cleansing, remove the transparent strip and adhere from center of the nose outwards. Wait for 10-15mins to dry and remove sheet from wings of nose inwards, finish with toning. (Once or twice per week)