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  • A.H.C Ten Revolution Real Eye Cream 30ml

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    A.H.C Ten Revolution Real Eye Cream (30ml)

    Newly upgraded 10th generation eye cream infuses energy into eyes to reduce wrinkles and fight against ageing, revealing youthful smooth skin.

    Product Features :
    • Anti-ageing : Hydrating Ingredient, triple improving oxidation ingredient and peptide complex replenish nutrients, hydrate, nourish the eyes, improving oxidation for brightened eyes.
    • Plumping : Advanced technology enhances absorption of collagen to increase skin elasticity and smoothen wrinkles, firming and plumping eye areas.
    • All-rounded Care : Multiple approaches to care for the eye include improving puffiness, swelling, melanin precipitation, lifting and firming. Lotion-like lightweight texture is easily spread and absorbed without burdening skin. Application is suitable to the entire face, not limited to the eyes.

    • Hydrating Ingredient, Triple Improving Oxidation Ingredient and Peptide Complex : Replenishing nutrients, firming
    • Collagen:Plumping

    How to use:
    Press and apply appropriate amount around eyes day and night, massage until fully absorbed.