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  • NESTLE Optifibre® Flora 20pcs

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    Nestle Optifibre® Flora (20 x 5g)

    Rich in soluble dietary fiber, this formula is convenient to add into any food for improving intestinal environment, leaving it healthy and smooth.

    Product Features:
    • Reduce diarrhea symptom: with probiotic and prebiotic ingredients, good bacteria are nurtured and helps to reduce intestinal discomfort.
    • Rebalance intestinal environment: with soluble dietary fiber, it stimulates intestinal movement for a healthy digestive environment.
    • Easy consumption: it can be added into cold or hot drinks with odor or taste to consume at anytime and anywhere.

    • 100% Water-soluble fiber: promoting healthy intestinal environment
    • Probiotic and PHGG soluble dietary fiber: increasing the number of healthy bacteria

    How to use:
    Two packs a day adding into cold or hot food or drinks.