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  • Baby Shark & T-Rex Face Shield 2pcs

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    Wewa Baby Shark & T-Rex Face Shield (2pcs)

    Product Features:
    • The face shield is lightweight and easy to wear.
    • The shield can cover the area from the forehead position to the chin position to prevent the invasion of foreign objects.
    • Size: 260mm x 224mm
    • Made in Hong Kong

    * Please note that this item cannot be returned.
    * Due to manual measurement, different batches or personal measurement method standards, the product There may be +/-5mm difference in size;
    * We try to present the color of the product as accurately as possible, but the computer screen will affect the displayed color, so the color seen through the computer screen may not be exactly the same as the real object Match, the actual product size and color shall prevail in kind.