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  • CHRISTIAN LAURENT Micellar Makeup Remover Water 500ml

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    Christian Laurent Micellar Makeup Remover Water (500ml)

    Enriched with stem cell active property from Phytocelltec™, waterproof makeup on eyes and faces is easily removed with gentle wipe. Skin is hydrated and pampered!

    Product Features:
    • Deep-cleansing : Patent formula Pure Cellular Fusion™ Cellular Cleansing Technology contains Phytocelltec™, its stem cell active property speedily facilitate cleansing from within and provides long-term care.
    • Conditioning : Nano gold takes away impurities on skin to improve skin condition; Damascus rose extract enhances skin firmness; panthenol hydrates and soothesto create nourished and soft skin.
    • Dual-action : Removing makeup and cleansing simultaneously, a gentle wipe removes waterproof facial and eye makeup. Alcohol-free formula is friendly to skin to prevent tightness and oiliness after use. This convenient remover quickly cleans and calms skin making it particularly suitable for city dwellers.

    • Pure Cellular Fusion™ Cellular Cleansing Technology : Deep cleansing and restoring
    • Nano Gold : Removing impurities
    • Damascus Rose Extract: Friming
    • Panthenol: Hydrating and Soothing

    How to use:
    Wet cotton pads with remover to wipe away makeup on eyes, lips and then face’s, followed by cleansing routine.