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  • INTUMO Hair Bloom Powder 25g

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    Intumo Hair Bloom Powder (25g)

    Hair volume up! With the use of natural ingredients, this powder helps to create volume and fluffy hair which is free from whiteness and thinning.

    Product Features:
    • Enhancing volume and color of the hair: using raw material from Germany, the natural hair fiber powder is soft and delicate, sticking and thickening every hair strain for enhancing volume and fluffiness.
    • Natural formula: the formula is natural and pure, which is friendly to scalp and hair. Water-proof and sweat-proof, the real hair condition can be kept constantly.
    • Easy application: with the use of a patented technology, this hair bloom powder can be applied to hair evenly and firmly.

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    • Plant Fiber Powder: creating natural hair volume

    How to use:
    Open the lid of the container at the base. Fill the container with rubber tube at the tip of the container.

    Twist the lid to open the container and gently tap on appropriate area.