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  • EAORON Glow Activator Mineral Clay Masque 7pcs

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    Eaoron Glow Activator Mineral Clay Masque (10g X 7)

    Little Blue Cup Mask! Combining volcanic soil and mineral elements, this clay mask effectively removes cuticles, leaving skin glowing, plumped and energized!

    Product Features:
    • Smoothening: Heard Island volcanic clay gently cleanses skin and tightens pores, revealing smooth and glowing skin.
    • Purifying and Nourishing: anti-inflammatory and antibacterial copper and zinc gluconate controls oil and reduces acnes, improves rough pores; ginger root extract comforts skin with nourishing nutrients and moistures.
    • Stored in a cute cup, milk-foam-like non-drying clay mask is easily spread on the face, evening skin tone after use.

    • Heard Island Volcanic Clay: gently removes dirt, sebum, and cosmetic residues
    • Zinc Gluconate and Copper Gluconate: anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, reduces oil and acnes
    • Ginger Root Extract : moisturizes and nourishes