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  • EAORON Glow Activator Bubble Clay Masque 7pcs

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    Eaoron Glow Activator Bubble Clay Masque (10g X7)

    Little Yellow Cup Mask! Through unique foaming process, this clay mask effortlessly removes facial dirt, deeply cleanses pores, leaving skin refreshed and moisturized!

    Product Features:
    • Smoothening: Heard Island glaciers volcanGlow Activator Bubble Clay Masque ic white clay gently cleanses skin and tightens pores, revealing smooth and glowing skin.
    • Brightening and Mattifying: Manicouagan clay removes dead skins and brightens complexion; unique charcoal extract controls sebum secretion and calms skin for a matte finish.
    • Stored in a cute cup, milk-foam-like non-drying clay mask is easily spread on the face, evening skin tone after use.

    • Heard Island Glaciers Volcanic White Clay: gently removes dirt, sebum, and residues
    • Manicouagan Clay: removes cuticles
    • Charcoal Extract : sebum control and calming