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  • OLAY Regenerist Reviving Cream 50g

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    Olay Regenerist Reviving Cream (50g)

    Japan Momoyama youth peaches handpicked and selected by Olay to hydrate and moisturise along with anti-oxidising property. The addition of 3 hydrating ingredients replenishes moisture to strengthen and nourish skin, vitalising skin with softness and plumpness.

    Product Features:
    • Moisturizing and Strengthening: Rich in vitamin C and nutrients of Japan Momoyama youth peach, this cream moisturizes skin, enhances radiance and strengthens skin with 80% oxidation damage protection.
    • Soothing and Softening: Glycerin and panthenol work with butanediol to soothe skin and improve coarseness and dryness, creating clear and hydrated skin.
    • Easy Absorption: Clear and watery texture facilitates fast absorption, evoking radiance on glowing, refined skin.

    Ingredients :
    • Japan Momoyama Youth Peach, Vitamin C: Strengthening and anti-oxidising
    • Glycerin, Panthenol: Hydrating and Moisturising
    • Butanediol: Soothing and restoring