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  • ABIB Heartleaf Skin Booster 200ml

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    Abib Heartleaf Skin Booster (200ml)

    Lightweight and non-greasy, this skin-friendly toner is multi-functional, helping to nourish, soothe and repair skin in just a few minutes.

    Product Features:
    • Soothing: formulated with skin-repairing ingredients such as heartleaf extract and cica extract, fragile and sensitive skin is soothed and boosted with resilience, becoming skin balanced and stable.
    • Nourishing: with rich hydrating ingredients, skin is replenished with moisture swiftly, leaving skin dewy and translucent.
    • Skin-friendly: the weakly acidic formula is free from alcohol, which is friendly to fragile and sensitive skin.

    • Heartleaf Extract: soothing and repairing
    • Cica Extract, Honeysuckle Flower: skin softening and stabilizing