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  • NESTLE Optifast Shake - Chocolate 12pcs

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    Nestle Optifast Shake - Chocolate (53g X12)

    An alternative meal recommended by doctors! Clinically tested, participants would lose up to 2.5kg* after a week by taking this alternative shake. With only 200 calories, it is healthy and good for keeping fit.

    Product Features:
    • Low GI: each pack contains 20g proteins, it is not only with low GI, but also helpful in muscle formation and maintaining fullness.
    • Rich in nutrients: enriched with 28 minerals and vitamins, this shake is helpful in replenishing daily nutrients. In additional of rich fiber, it helps to improve digestive system.
    • Low calories: the flavorsome shake only contains 200 calories, which is a good alternative meal choice during weight control.

    *In various clinical researches, people with obesity lost 1.5-2.5 kg per week under medical advice and drinking Optifast Shake.

    Ingredients :
    • Dietary Fiber: helpful for digestion

    How to use:
    1-3 meals can be taken according to personal need.

    Dissolve one pack into water in room temperature. Shake until the powder fully dissolves.