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  • SHU UEMURA Anti/Oxi+ Pollutant & Dullness Clarifying Cleansing Oil 450ml

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    Shu Uemura Anti/Oxi+ Pollutant & Dullness Clarifying Cleansing Oil (450ml)

    Specially developed oil soluble technology to remove makeup effectively. Enriched with Japanese green tea with botanical oxidising property to cleanse and improve dull skin, awaking delicate skin to shine.

    Product Features:
    • Enriched with handpicked Japanese Uji green tea to provide premier anti-oxidizing property, improving dull and weak skin for comfortable and glowing skin with natural green tea scent.
    • Formulated with oil-soluble technology to penetrate deep into school, skin is cleansed and softened from within, removing makeup without second washing.
    • Easily control applying amount with pump; cleansing oil emulsifies speedily in contact with water, locking in moistures and enhancing skin caring.

    • Uji Green Tea: anti-oxidizing