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  • FINE Eye Vitan 60Capsules

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    Fine Eye Vitan (60 Capsules)

    Enriched with bilberry extract, this supplement is rich in Anthocyanins to revitalize eyes, relieve eye fatigue and prevent dryness!

    Product Features:
    • Eyes revitalizing: with rich Anthocyanins from bilberry, this supplement is beneficial for strengthening blood vessels and improving eye sensitivity. It helps with anti-oxidation and anti-ageing.
    • Focus improvement and function support: this supplement is especially good for tears secretion and improving eye dryness, which is helpful for electronic gadget frequent users.
    • Reliving eye fatigue: it helps to relieve fatigue eyes and good for support eye functions for the health of the eyes.

    Ingredients :
    • Bilberry Extract: protecting eyes and preventing them from ageing

    Hoew to use:
    Two capsules a day with warm water.