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  • LEMONA Alive Lactobacillus 9C 50pcs

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    Lemona Alive Lactobacillus 9C (50PCS)

    A well-known Korean health care brand! Formulated with the patent Probiocap® technology, high content of active probiotics are well preserved for promoting digestive health.

    Product Features:
    • Promoting digestive health: it is rich in Alive Lactobacillus, which are helpful in improving skin condition, detoxification and constipation.
    • Supplement for imbalanced diet: it is suitable for people who take little vegetable and fruit and dine out often for the improvement for digestive system.
    • Promoting healthiness: enriched with 100mg vitamin C, this supplement is helpful in brightening skin tone and promoting stronger immunity.

    Ingredients :
    • 9 Probiotics: promoting digestive health
    • Vitamin C: brightening skin and promoting higher immunity

    How to use:
    1-2 packs a day before or after meal with direct consumption.