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  • KOSE COSMEPORT Grace One Medicated Whitening Essence 30g

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    Kose Cosmeport Grace One Medicated Whitening Essence (30g)

    Containing high-purity of vitamin C derivatives, this essence helps to combat yellow skin tones and dark spots. With extra collagen and anti-oxidant essence, skin is nourished and brightened.

    Product Features:
    • Brightening effect: enriched with vitamin C derivatives, yellow skin tone is improved and free from formation of color spots.
    • Increasing elasticity: containing extra collagen EX and water-soluble collagen, this essence improves the elasticity of the aging skin.
    • Anti-oxidant: with unique anti-oxidant red essence, it helps to infuse skin with the vitality, leaving the skin delicate, hydrated and smooth.

    • Vitamin C Derivatives: brightening
    • Extra Collagen EX, Water-soluble Collagen: replenishing the losing collagen
    • Astaxanthin, Pomegranate Extract, Rose Hip Extract, Red Wine Extract: anti-oxidant