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  • CYBER COLORS Algae Hydrashield Mask 5PCS

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    Cyber Colors Algae Hydrashield Mask (5PCS)

    Combining the concepts of Clean Beauty and Anti-Pollution, this environmental-friendly mask boosts skin resilience by injecting 30ml of skincare essence, which is an intensive treatment to rescue dry and delicate skin.

    Product Features:
    • Enhancing skin resilience: enriched with extraordinary anti-pollutant algae and 2% of nicotinamide, this mask swiftly forms a protective veil on skin to prevent oxidation and external stimuli.
    • Nourishing: the natural moisturizing factors help to restore dry and delicate skin quickly for smooth and supple complexion. Dry wrinkles and fine lines are also improved.
    • Gentle and environmental-friendly material using biodegradable mask material, this mask is not only friendly to skin, but also to the environment. Free from alcohol and fragrance, it takes good care to fragile skin.

    • Anti-Pollutant Algae: cell revitalizing
    • Nicotinamide: anti-oxidant
    • NMF: nourishing