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  • SENKA Perfect Aqua Bouncy Bright Mask 7pcs

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    Senka Perfect Aqua Bouncy Bright Mask (7PCS)

    Especially designed for dull and ageing skin! Formulated with royal jelly, sakura essence and rich hyaluronic acid, this mask promotes youthful and radiant skin.

    Product Features:
    • Fast penetration: formulated with 12x smaller particles* for thorough penetration, this mask intensively replenishes moisture to skin for up to 24 hours. **
    • Nourishing and firming: enriched with the naturally-derived silk essence and W-hyaluronic acid, moisture is plumped to skin for a supple and dewy complexion. With extra royal jelly and sakura essence, skin cells are activated and becoming dewy and youthful.
    • Gentle formula: free from fragrance, alcohol and coloring, this mask is skin-friendly.

    *Comparison with in-house emulsion product
    **According to clinical study of Institut d'Expertise Clinique, moisturizing effect can last for 24 hours

    • Royal Jelly Extract: preventing wrinkles and fine lines
    • Fuji Sakura Essence: improving dull skin color
    • W-Hyaluronic Acid: deeply nourishing