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  • MANDOM CORP Hair Styling Stick Extra Hard 13g

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    Lucido-L Hair Styling Stick Extra Hard (13g)

    Easy hair styling with the extra hard styling stick! Being water and sweat-resistant and implementing with the nourishing Shea butter, hair becomes shiny, non-greasy and free from frizz.

    Product Features:
    ● Non-greasy texture: the oval design is easy to hold and apply at anytime and anywhere! With the non-greasy texture, it is convenient to add on and touch up.
    ● Long-lasting: formulated with the anti-sebum powder, this product is water and sweat-resistant, leaving hair firm and stay for a long time.
    ● Nourishing and protecting: enriched with Shea butter to nourish hair, the hair is supple and free from frizzy strains. The composition can also protect hair from harmful UV.

    ● Shea Butter: nourishing hair strains
    ● Anti-sebum Powder: preventing oily hair to affect styling