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  • KIEHL'S Super Multi-Corrective Cream 75ml

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    Kiehl's Super Multi-Corrective Cream (75ml)

    Formulated with signature high concentration of repairing Pro-Xylane and “Nighttime Vitamin C & Daytime Vitamin A at night”, providing anti-oxidation property and nutrients deep into skin, leaving skin plumped and soft!

    Product Features:
    • Plumped and Bouncy Skin: signature high concentration of anti-ageing Pro-Xylane soothes fine lines and firms contour from deep within.
    • Brightening: added with “Nighttime Vitamin C & Daytime Vitamin A at night” to fight against signs of ageing all day long. PhytoMimetic Vitamin A and Chaga Mushroom improve uneven skin tone.
    • Great Absorption : mosses and non-greasy texture nourishes and easily be absorbed by all skin types, enhances effect with massage.

    Ingredients :
    • Pro-Xylane: softening fine lines, firms and lifting skin
    • PhytoMimetic Vitamin A: improving wrinkles and softening skin
    • Chaga Mushroom:anti-oxidation and brightening