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  • COTTAGE Moisturizing Shower Gel and Bath Milk - Strawberry & Mint 750ml

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    Cottage Moisturizing Shower Gel and Bath Milk - Strawberry & Mint 

    Formulated with natural ingredients, this shower gel is effective in nourishing skin with a constantly pleasant fragrance.

    Product Features:
    • Gentle cleansing: it washes away dirt and excessive sebum with extra nourishment for a smooth and soft complexion.
    • Skin-friendly: dermatologist-tested and bio-degradable this shower gel is with neutral pH, which is gentle and nourishing to skin.
    • Pleasant scent: a fragrance of ripe just-picked strawberry married with fresh mint leaves and a hint of citrus, evoking the outh-watering smell of a delicious summer chilled strawberry and mint soup.