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  • LION NONIO Mouth Wash (Non-alcohol Light Herb Mint) 600ml

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    Lion NONIO Mouth Wash (Non-alcohol Light Herb Mint) 600ml

    ● Made in Japan
    ● Long-lasting anti-bacteria
    ● Kill and suppress 'bad breath bacteria'
    ● Continuous prevention of bad breath

    ● Function 1: Long Lasting Fresh Breath
    ● Non-alcohol, low irritation, no 'irritate' feeling compared with other mouthwash.
    ● NONIO light herb mint flavor, easy to taste, with unique fruity flavor, keeps your mouth long lasting fresh.
    ● The mouthwash stays in the mouth for 20 seconds to kill bacteria and keep your breath long lasting fresh.
    ● Function 2: Kill Bad Breath Bacteria
    ● Anti-bacteria ingredient Cetylpyridinium Chloride (CPC) reaches all corners of the tongue and mouth, kills bad breath bacteria that cause bad odor in the mouth.
    ● Function 3: Long-lasting Anti-bacteria
    ● Anti-bacteria ingredient Cetylpyridinium Chloride (CPC) kills 'bad breath bacteria' floating in the mouth for a long time, continuously preventing bacteria growth and keeping mouth total clean.

    How to use:
    ● Use after brushing ● Rinse with 20ml undiluted mouthwash each time, twice daily ● Fill cap to the line (approvimately 20ml), expel after rinse thoroughly for 20 seconds. ● No further rinse with water is required