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  • METHODE SWISS Lily White Spot Correcting Treatment 15ml

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    Méthode SWISS Lily White Spot Correcting Treatment (15ml)

    Enriched with complexion-improving Lily Flowers Extract, this intensive treatment brightens and softens the skin and reduces uneven skin tone and dark spots.

    Product Features:
    ● Skin Brightening: enriched with Lily, Daisy, Licorice and Camu Camu, this complex is effective in reducing the color and size of the dark spots.
    ● Preventing pigmentation: Sea Lily extract restricts the production of melanin, making skin more radiant and shine.
    ● Dewy and radiant complexion: infused with skin lightening ingredients, such as Vitamin C and Alpha-arbutin, this formula further minimizes the formation of darker pigmentation and balances skin tone.

    ● Brightening Complex: whitening and brightening
    ● Sea Lily: preventing the formation of melanin
    ● Vitamin C: tightening, anti-oxidant
    ● Arbutin: restricting melanin