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  • AHAVA Dead Sea Osmotertm Eye Concentrate 15ml

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    【Ahava Dead Sea Osmotertm Eye Concentrate 15ml】

    The source of energy from the lowest point in the world. It does well in dedicating the eye skin and reduces the appearances of dark circles and dryness around the eyes.

    Product Features:
    ● Contains OsmoterTM Extract enhances the skin moisture level and reduce the skin discomfort around the eyes.
    ● A variety of extracts can be effective in solving the problems of eye zone and recapture youth.
    ● The skin friendly formulas can moisture the eye zone all day.

    ● OsmoterTM : Well keep moisture and refine the skin. ● Huan bark extract, alfalfa extract, Strelitzia extract, caffeine, witch hazel, cucumber, aloe vera and bisabolol: Moisturizing and eliminates eye fatigue.

    How To Use:
    Apply around the eye area AM &PM. For enhanced results lay additional eye cream