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  • ELEANOR Eye Shadow Brush

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    【Eleanor Eye Shadow Brush】

    Hand-made brush from Hiroshima Prefecture Kumano, made according to the shape of the finger, walnut handle + imitation squirrel hair fiber, give you the most comfortable texture, strong griping powder ability, to create natural and even makeup effect!

    Product Features:
    • The small eye shadow brush with the curved shape and the intensive hair makes it easy for you to get the proper amount to create the ideal smoky eye makeup. It is also suitable for applying darker color on the eye socket and the upper eyelash root.
    • Hand-made brush from Hiroshima Prefecture Kumano, the craftsmen use the technique of manufacturing pen to create a soft makeup brush with up to 30 production processes.
    • Made with squirrel wool-like fiber, not afraid of irritating skin and has good griping powder ability.

    How To Use
    Take a proper amount of eye shadow and sweep on the eyelid position.