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  • SEVAA Natural Rose Petal Toner (With Hyaluronan) 150ml

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    【SEVAA Natural Rose Petal Toner (With Hyaluronan) 150ml】

    Natural rose hydrosol and natural pedals contained in this product have strong effect in smoothing and moisturizing. Hyaluronic acid and BETA-GLUCAN mixed in this product can penetrate your skin to brighten it up, calm it down, and soften its texture. The product can also make it easier for your skin to absorb the essence and lotion applied later.

    It has strong effect in brightening, calming and softening your skin.

    Rosa centifolia flower water, Rosa rugosa (rose) flower, Sodium hyaluronate, Beta-glucan

    How to use:
    Pour it to your palm or makeup cotton after cleansing your face in the morning and evening. Pad it softly and massage it onto your face and neck. The gel shall be kept away from your eye contour. It can be used any time during the day for moisturizing. To achieve better effect, user shall apply skin lotion after using this product.