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  • CYBER COLORS Protective Mild Uv Milk SPF50+Pa++++ 50ml

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    【Cyber Colors Protective Mild Uv Milk SPF50+Pa++++ 50ml】

    The low-sensitivity UV milk repairs and protects the skin from ultraviolet rays in one step. It passed the sensitive tests, moisturizes and gently cares for the skin, soothing and anti-allergic, let you enjoy the outdoor activities!

    Product Features:
    ● Low-sensitivity formula: Passed sensitive test by dermatologist, the ingredients meet the EWG environmental and health friendly indicators, without Paraben preservatives, talcum powder, chemical absorbent and other chemical ingredients, to comfort the skin without any burden.
    ● Moisturizing: In light and translucent texture, infused with vitamin C and anti-allergic soothing plant complexes to repair and smooth sensitive skin.
    ● Effective Sunscreen: Contains physical sunscreen ingredients such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide to reflect ultraviolet rays and protect the skin.

    ● Vitamin C: Extracted from orange, well keep moisture and enhance brightness. ● Anti-allergic soothing plant complexes(Houttuynia, Purslane and Centella): Refine the skin

    How To Use:
    Take appropriate amount of UV Milk and then apply it evenly on the face and body.